The Story Goes...

In December 2020 I thought I'd missed the boat for starting my own business in lockdown, then Boris gave me an extension...

Katinak comes from the Hungarian for Catherine, my mother's name, she was raised in Paris, of Hungarian descent and an absolute G. 

Somewhat a collector of soaps, years since her passing I still find them around the house  that she'd brought back from holidays over the years. Growing up there were always 2 things in our wardrobes besides clothes; cedar wood balls to protect our clothes and a bar of soap to keep them smelling nice, I even recently found not one but two pristine Dior soaps in my dad's sock drawer...true story.

All things considered, it was an obvious choice to name my maiden business venture after my mum, she was the queen of soap and I was once in her pregnant belly, it's all about her really.

I was lucky enough to have a relatively easy pregnancy with my son M and often miss my pregnant shape, so having a house now full of pregnant torsos is pretty lovely! Having been a breastfed baby, M is a big fan of the soaps too, he's also into dinosaurs, like, really into dinosaurs, so I decided to make him his own. He's always got dinosaurs in the bath with him anyway, might as well make them useful for getting him clean!


Queen Katinak herself