Essential Oils

As well as smelling incredible, essential oils are said to have many benefits and uses.

To this day I can't walk past a lavender bush without running my fingers through it to smell the fresh, calming scent. As well as smelling incredible, Lavender is used for its many other attributes. You'll find lavender in various nighttime products to promote relaxation, some use it to treat insomnia and it has been linked with treatments for anxiety and depression.

Used for its uplifting and invigorating qualities, lime essential oil can lift the mood in a room simply with its zingy aroma. Those creatives among you may want to keep Lime close by as it has been said to promote creativity and focus while lessening exhaustion.

May Chang
May Chang is the closest you can get to a lemon scent without cutting open an actual lemon! Its fizzy, citrusy aroma is often used as a mood lifter, energy booster, fatigue reliever and de-stresser.

The scent of Orange essential oil for some is reminiscent of the festive period... or just wolfing down a Chocolate Orange in one sitting... Either way, in aromatherapy it is used as a mood lifter, a wonderful air freshener and can even help reduce feelings of anxiety and irritability.

Another citrus fruit essential oil that fills the room with a sharp yet sweet scent is bergamot. Unlike the aforementioned energy boosters, bergamot is used more to wind down, relieve stress and prepare for a good night's sleep.

Katinak by no means makes any claims that our products contribute to the above information, they should not be used as a substitute to medication and you should seek professional advice for any ailments you may have. We really just like the smells!
Check with your doctor before using when pregnant or breastfeeding.