Why is my soap sweating?!

This 'sweating' is simply the moisture from the air being attracted to the soap's surface by the humectant ingredient i.e. the glycerin.

The glycerin in our soap is derived from plant based oils; oils are often used in hair and skincare to lock in moisture. When you wash with glycerin soap a thin layer is left behind, this draws moisture from the air thus further moisturising your skin!

The more moisture in the air, the more likely your soap is to sweat. For example if you like your showers scorching and your baths boiling, you're more likely to see those little droplets of liquid on your soap. It does absolutely no harm to you or your soap, but if you'd rather it didn't sweat, simply keep it protected from the humidity; a little Katinak hessian bag is the perfect protection! Just make sure to let your soap dry out first.

Why is my soap shrinking?!

We're not talking Honey I Shrunk the Kids, its ever so slight and you might not have even noticed had we not mentioned it!

It's again down to the air around the soap, but this time it's having the opposite effect. If the air is dry, rather than moisture being attracted to the soap, it is being drawn out and this can lead to loss of size, weight and shape - equally distributed though, La Maman isn't suddenly going to become top heavy.

You can combat this with the Katinak hessian bag for a little protection.

Are Katinak products Vegan?

All products except the those from the Goats Milk Soap range are Vegan.

Are Katinak products gluten free?

While gluten is not an active ingredient in any of our products, due to the environment in which they're made, despite every effort, we can't be positive there won't be any cross contamination and we wouldn't want to be the cause of any allergic reactions.