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Bergamot & Green Clay Face Mask

£8.00 - £18.00

100% Natural, handmade, vegan friendly.

This Katinak face mask mixes kaolin clay with green french clay and a dash of bergamot essential oil for a dose of self care.

Green french clay is typically beneficial for sensitive skin due to its detoxifying properties; mix this a few drops of bergamot oil known for its calming and purifying properties and you're onto a winner. This face mask is your best friend for a night of self care...and maybe a glass of wine!

If you're new to clay masks or just fancy some new paraphernalia, get yourself a Starter Kit which includes a wooden spoon, a handmade mixing dish, a silicone applicator brush and of course the guest of honour; Bergamot & Green Clay Face Mask.

Once you've scraped out every last dot of powder, we've got you covered without filling your cabinet with more jars; grab a refill pouch which contains enough powder for an extra mask!


Scoop out one 5g teaspoon of powder and gradually add an equal amount of water to make a paste.

Apply to freshly cleansed face avoiding the eyes and lips.

Remove with warm water after 10 minutes or once the mask has dried; whichever is first.

Use 2-3 times per week max.

Ingredients: kaolin, lilite, montmorillonite, citrus aurantium bergamia. citral, limonene, linalool.

  • Image of Bergamot & Green Clay Face Mask
  • Image of Bergamot & Green Clay Face Mask
  • Image of Bergamot & Green Clay Face Mask