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Charcoal & Hibiscus Face Mask

£8.00 - £18.00

100% Natural, handmade, vegan friendly.

When you see Activated charcoal listed in the ingredients, your skin does a dance. It is known for drawing out dirt and toxins. extracting excess oils, and removing dead skin cells - great for exfoliating and reducing blemishes. Add in some antioxidants in the form of Hibiscus Flower which also support your body's natural collagen production and reduce its degradation a.k.a slowing down signs of ageing and your skin does a super happy dance.

If you're new to clay masks or just fancy some new paraphernalia, get yourself a Starter Kit which includes a wooden spoon, a handmade mixing dish, a silicone applicator brush and of course the guest of honour; Charcoal & Hibiscus Face Mask.

Once you've scraped out every last dot of powder, we've got you covered without filling your cabinet with more jars; grab a refill pouch which contains enough powder for an extra mask!


Scoop out one 5g teaspoon of powder and gradually add an equal amount of water to make a paste.

Apply to freshly cleansed face avoiding the eyes and lips.

Remove with warm water after 10 minutes or once the mask has dried; whichever is first.

Use 2-3 times per week max.

Ingredients: kaolin, charcoal powder, hibiscus sabdariffa flower.

  • Image of Charcoal & Hibiscus Face Mask
  • Image of Charcoal & Hibiscus Face Mask
  • Image of Charcoal & Hibiscus Face Mask